Friday, May 29, 2009

You decide.

Hello, how are you? I've done some new stuff, so keep checking back for more updates! Anyway, here are the fabric designs for whatelse, your fabric bangles. So they come in pairs for only P120. The two boxes put side by side are part of the same pair. Order now before someone beats you to it.

Cute, right? But if decoupaged paper bangles are more your thing, why not challenge me to make collage pattern bangles for you? Here are my "swatches":

Aside from you, someone else makes a very important decision today. The oldest teenager in the world puts a rest to the blondes vs. brunettes feud (at least for now) and we bid adieu to one of the longest love triangles ever. EGAD, my favorite playboy finally wants to commit and he chooses the sexy Veronica Lodge!