Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sneak Peek!

I know, I promised to fill you in with behind the scenes magic from our shoot. I got lazy, then busy, and alas, I got sick and proved to be the worst blogger ever. Oops.

Then Bia (our awesome photographer/photogenic lady) sent me an email with the subject "Art for art's sake" and just like that, something begins to pound in my chest and I let out a huge Tarzan yell/shriek/OMG! Next week is going to be pretty hazy, so keep posted!

PS: Meet the latest Bend & Snap ladies, Lia and Dior! And a big ALOHA to Cathy for the pretty pretty makeup :) New clothes and accessories coming to the store NEXT WEEK!

Love, Risa

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Painted, scribbled and doodled clothing

Alexander McQueen 2010 Resort Collection

Sasha Pivovarova on Interview Magazine (February 2010) wearing Balenciaga's spring collection and dusty pink highlights. Awesome spread! :)

Because my wallet's looking empty, Stylebreak is my best option. I want that top!
DIY, anyone? :) and