Friday, May 29, 2009

You decide.

Hello, how are you? I've done some new stuff, so keep checking back for more updates! Anyway, here are the fabric designs for whatelse, your fabric bangles. So they come in pairs for only P120. The two boxes put side by side are part of the same pair. Order now before someone beats you to it.

Cute, right? But if decoupaged paper bangles are more your thing, why not challenge me to make collage pattern bangles for you? Here are my "swatches":

Aside from you, someone else makes a very important decision today. The oldest teenager in the world puts a rest to the blondes vs. brunettes feud (at least for now) and we bid adieu to one of the longest love triangles ever. EGAD, my favorite playboy finally wants to commit and he chooses the sexy Veronica Lodge!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Armroom, Please.

As I was surfing the net for new craft ideas, I found so many bangle styles to attempt to make. I'll definitely try making my own ball-plus-cuff bangles like Pucci's (see photo below) after I finish Metro duties. See, I applied for a part-time job in the magazine thinking that my last semester in U.P. will be a breeze.

YES MOM (& FEELING RELEVANT), I KNOW. That I still have a feasibility study and 15 units is still full load. That I don't have happy working mice and efficient elves helping me make bangles and scarves. (But I have Prince Charming and two Evil Sisters. HAH! KIDDING.) That despite this carefree attitude, I am a bookworm with a bad habit of over-reading things and that I still want to ace my last semester in school. I just hope that the gods give me a monthly deposit of superhero confidence for the next four months! But I just had my interview and first assignment anyway, so nothing definite. The future's not ours to see, que sera sera. Yay to songs that speak to me!

Back to Barbie World & shiny things. Would there be more criminals if handcuffs looked this good? How do you like your bangles?

(Louis Vuitton)

(Emilio Pucci)


(Zac Posen)

(The Material Girl's choice)

Studded Leather
(Trash & Vaudeville)
Hello Zac Efron! I love you too.

Dramatic Bling
Wow. Wow. Wow. Pink! Wow.

As Necklaces
(Dries Van Noten)

(Kevan Hall)

For Real Tribal
If only I had thinner arms. Hehe!

Like Mom's Vase

A la Wonder Woman
(Left: Karl Lagerfeld, Right: Christian Lacroix)

P.S. To those who ordered, I'll be in school/Manila June 1 and 2 and June 9 onwards. You can claim it then and we'll both be happy! FINGERS CROSSED. ;)
P.P.S. Look lovely so I can feature my happy customers here.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

How to Buy

1. Decide on what you like.
Have you found something you already like in Bends&Snap? Or do you want a totally new bangle or head wrap? Is there a specific print you have in mind? For talk on beads, sequins and measurement, all you have to do is leave a comment and/or...

2. Contact me.
Tell me your name and what you want either by phone: 09166121151
or through email:

3. Meet up with me!
Hail a cab or hop in your limo to meet me in the following areas: UP, Katipunan or Ortigas.

4. Tell your friends about Bend & Snap
"Oh my gosh! Have you heard..."

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Project 2: Chitty Chitty Bangles

As soon as I made my decision to stay in school this semester (as opposed to living and working somewhere in Indonesia), I knew that I had to get my hands busy with a new "thing". And because jogging gets lonely and T.V. gets boring, I decided to rekindle my relationship with paper crafting. I'm not exactly Ms. Domestic Goddess, but I was able to whip up a few accessories and I'm damn proud of them.

Keep an open mind, scroll down, then let me know what you think. :)

abc: Fabric Bangles! 2 for 120.
b and c are a pair. a, however, is a loner in this photo.

Thank you so much to my best friend Michelle for being a co-model/co-photographer this morning! Enjoy the twix. I'll give you your ring next time. Haha! :)
d&e: Vintage Wallpaper Decoupaged Bangles. 2 bangles for P150.
Very cute! You can easily mix-and-match them with other bangles. The white is my favorite.
f&g: Shiny Floral adjustable rings for only P80. Buy them now!

h: Decoupaged Mosaic Bangle. Thick-size P100.
Like T.I. sings, you can have whatever you like! Choose a print, a wallpaper or walk me through your theme and i'll come up with something beautiful for your wrist. Medium-sized decoupaged bangles sell for P80. Super skinny bangles for P60.
i: Painted Bangle w/ Ribbon, not ready to be sold. I dunno, I'm just not happy with it yet.
j & k: Those flower rings again! Come on, what's P80?
(P.S. Does the peacock cloth look familiar? Refer to a.)
l: huge ring with "paint splashes" in purple and orange, P80.
m: I just couldn't wait till my next post! My newest project: OVERSIZED PENDANTS. I love GossipGirl and decided to make Blair my pendant. To avoid looking like i have a coaster on my shirt, I glued some beads on it and the back is also covered with pretty paper.
Want something similar? Contact me.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Project 1: Scarf Face

Behold, my muse:
Bend & Knot colorful fabrics on your forehead:
But if you're more Audrey than Pocahontas (Let's scrap Rambo now, shall we?), just wrap a longer scarf around your head like a bandanna:
Here's a cool DIY option too! Wrap your fabric around a thin leather cord, like so:
Thanks to Alexi B. for being my beautiful model that day!
Interested? Contact me if you wanna see more prints or if you wanna order one :)