Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Project 4: It's Not Easy Being Ecru.

At 10, it was universal. Our wardrobes mimicked Crayola and we all had a favorite color inspired by a Ranger, a Barbie doll, a future profession or even ice cream toppings.
At 21, nothing much has changed. My anti-khaki, basics-deprived wardrobe still screams childhood fantasies and mirrors the "always fiesta, never office" clothes of T.V.'s Ugly Betty. So be it sunny and spectacular or even when the day lacks color, I choose to put on the peacock. Try it with my colorful accessories. I'd love to see the whole rainbow reflecting back at you.
Tomorrow, or later rather, I'll be heading to the summer capital of the Philippines. I'm thrilled that there's Wifi at the Manor. See you all next week!