Saturday, April 23, 2011

Currently inspired by...

DANNIJO jewelry is the brainchild of New York sibling Danielle and Jodie Sydner. Danielle is more boho rock 'n' roll, while her "ate" injects old hollywood glamour in their designs. The combination? A curious mixture of metals, Swarovski crystals, chain details, spikes and tribal beads. I've always been a fan of the line and the sisters since spotting their work in celebrity gossip columns and lists such as "America's Coolest Young Entrepreneurs" from Ahhhh handmade... Doesn't it just amaze you? :)

I love the tough + soft elements in their designs. I promise that after I finish my Revalida on May 2, I'm getting my hands on new materials. Speaking of which... I gotta stop procastinating my paper! :( :( :( Sometimes, I wish I could just study jewelry design. But more on that next time. Less whining, more writing! Bye for now!