Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lend Me Your Talents

Look who's now upgrading her photos.
I had so much fun in my first "real" photoshoot and I wanna keep it up. I think it adds even more personality to the blog, even Simon Cowell will be charmed. And so, if you're a photographer, a model, a stylist, a creative director (or someone creative in general!), a makeup artist, a D-I-Yer or someone like me who pretends she can do it all, then i want you! Remember the parable of the talents? God wants you to use them to help a sister out! Can I please get an Amen? Call/text/email me. :) Meanwhile, I am counting the days till I graduate and begin my little Bend & Snap empire.
This is my Jai Ho!!! Oh-oh-oh-oh!

How fast can you go?

Para na sabi, para na sabi, para mama, para na diyan sa tabi!
It's like cotton candy for your hair!
"Y tutu?" spring green tulle hair clip, Php 200

"Sunday Dress" Floral chiffon hair clip, Php 200
Model: Theresa R.
Photography by Ira Giorgetti

Remember everything in this site is handmade, so 1) pieces aren't exactly identical to each other 2) they're made-to-order and 3) they're LIMITED! Hurry lady loves, you know how to reach me! Oh and here is a close up of the clips. :)

Girl with a Glue Gun