Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bold Shoulder: "Wrapsody"

"Get wrapped up and melt away the pounds." If only it were that easy, huh?

Body wraps claim to squeeze fat cells together in order to give it a slimmer shape. Not convinced? Me neither. There is no magic potion, or else I would have been first to turn myself into a
pritchon roll.

What is assuring though is that the bold shoulder is back, through the resurrection of epaulettes, which with the right outfit --- an asymmetric cut, a V-neck top, or a blazer --- can produce a refreshing and slimming effect.

Try the look with this floral sequinned epaulette with a bronze harness that wraps around the body. It's more Victorian for the S&M community, but it's a different kind of sweet. Definitely not the fattening kind.
"Wrapsody" ONE OF A KIND shoulder jewelry
Php 1,100.00

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Bold Shoulder: "Gladiator"

Do as the Romans do, even if your idea of a Roman Holiday, is, well, Holy Week. Plunder, pillage and play with their hearts by welding together a winning outfit: shoulder armor with bronze chain ripples worn over a sleek black tee or sleeved body con dress. Besides, after training with that beast of a gym instructor, it's good to know that there's a way to highlight those deltoids in the fashion arena.

And while we're thankful that gladiatorial combat were last seen some 2,000 years ago, we might just witness bloodthirsty fashionistas fighting it out for this made-to-order beauty.

"Gladiator" made-to-order shoulder accessory
Php 900.00

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Bold Shoulder: "Queen Pea"

Peacocks are beautiful, unique and stunning. Their mere presence is enough to draw a crowd in. Reminds you of someone you know? Why not invite double takes by shouldering this extreme epaulette? Stand out by wearing this shoulder jewelry of radiant peacock feathers, black and silver gems, tassels and atrail of cross body chains over an asymmetric draped mini and ankle booties.

"Queen Pea" one-piece epaulette
Php 1,100.00

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Bold Shoulder: "Theory"

If you've read the book called "The Game" by the pickup artist Neil Stauss, then you are familiar with the Peacock Theory. It says that in order to get the attention of the opposite sex, you need to dress up in a flashy and colorful way. Appearances matter, yes. And taking fashion risks is fun and rewarding indeed. But sometimes, less is more. (For instance, I'd prefer to date someone who looks like a well-mannered gentleman over some bighead. But that's just me. I really belong to a different time!)

So on those days when you feel like Gagafying yourself (Yes, she's a verb now!) but want to do it in a more subtle manner, this peacock epaulette might do the trick. Light as a feather, yet big enough to make a statement!

"Theory" made-to-order shoulder jewelry
Php 900.00

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