Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fixin' A Broken Art

They said that the broken window was the tipping point.

And that even the smallest deviation from the norm, such as a broken window, will encourage even more vandalism and criminality. Let’s face it, like attracts like. (Uh-uh. You’re best friends because you have the same interests and tastes, but hopefully, not the same man.) Disorder invites more disorder.

However, something disastrous and unkempt could also invite art, fashion, positive energy and beautiful photos to come together.

And so, one afternoon, we play dress up and pose against the broken windows in the UP Arcade for our “If I were a Rich Girl” Shoot in the newest, dramatic pieces from Bend & Snap. And with an imagination, a hobby and friends like these, it’s natural to feel rich even when my savings account says otherwise.

Theresa in "Flapper Power". Black Flower with netting and silver and black sequins, Php 400.

Elaine in "You're Tulle Much!". Black tulle and silver sequins headpiece/necklace, Php350

Photography: Ira Giorgetti
Styling: Risa de Sagun
Wardrobe: Mom's Closet :)
Make-up: Theresa Rivera
Models: Elaine Rodriguez & Theresa Rivera