Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project 3: Le Paris du Chic (SOLD OUT!)

Never has enrollment been this easybreezy.

Because I'm ecstatic to be finally prioritized in the University of the Philippines, I decided to share my happiness with you with another post. Call it tacky, cheap or old hat, pink and turquoise have always appealed to the thirteen year-old teenybopper die-hard JT fan inside of me. Scroll down and take a quick look at my color mood board.

Tacky? AS IF!

Conclusion: Don't let the Valley Girls kill it for you. Get chic to chic with pink and turquoise and wear them on your wrists with a pretty Eiffel Tower print.

Je m'appelle Monica and I twist and flip for the U.P. Pep Squad. Thank you Mon! :)
For only P90 each, now you can take Paris with you wherever you go.

Au revoir et salut, Risa

DIY: Scarlet Fever

Today was another creative and rainy day. And the countdown to school begins!

My old "white" Mango chain bag
Take a look at the discoloration and the rust that formed around the studs!

My Materials

Drumroll please...

Voila! An instantly new bright red bag!

Aren't they beautiful?
P.S. Remember to click on the photos to make them bigger!