Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Want To Be A Blacksmith

I already know how to work with chains, let alone break stuff down to salvage materials... Next thing to cross off my list it to learn how to make metal collar necklaces (and weapons, maybe?)

But for now, I choose to stud the collars of my polos. DIY is making me a little more type A than usual.

After 5

There is this rabbit hole which I've slipped into for the past couple of weeks.

So you see, this post, this collection is my grandiose effort to win you back, get better at my craft and ignore the fact that it is getting a little bit harder to wake up these days. :)

This is After 5, the formal line of accessories from Bend & Snap. And although I'm unsure how well it will hold up over time, I'm really smitten by the thought of having a bridal line. Right now, it's all about curating, cherishing, discovering, editing, inventing, upcycling, recycling and most of all, having the confidence that this trial and error method will lead me somewhere.

Naturally, sand, charcoal, greys and blues, all paired with metallic black and sequins (I'm not really a less is more kind of girl) became the palette for After 5 to "warm up" the cooler nights.

Anyway, I hope you find something here that will make your heart go boom buroom boom boom!

With love, Risa
"Curtain Call" Headwrap, P500

"Link Again" chain on chain necklace + headband, P500

"Feelin' Drape" lapel chain necklace, P400

"Petal to the Metal" P500 (Sale!)

"The Old Ball and Chain" P350 (Sale!)

Contact me at emailbendsnap@gmail.com if you'd like to purchase an accessory. :)
Photos by Joseph Bernabe
Model: Kylie Misa