Saturday, May 23, 2009

Project 2: Chitty Chitty Bangles

As soon as I made my decision to stay in school this semester (as opposed to living and working somewhere in Indonesia), I knew that I had to get my hands busy with a new "thing". And because jogging gets lonely and T.V. gets boring, I decided to rekindle my relationship with paper crafting. I'm not exactly Ms. Domestic Goddess, but I was able to whip up a few accessories and I'm damn proud of them.

Keep an open mind, scroll down, then let me know what you think. :)

abc: Fabric Bangles! 2 for 120.
b and c are a pair. a, however, is a loner in this photo.

Thank you so much to my best friend Michelle for being a co-model/co-photographer this morning! Enjoy the twix. I'll give you your ring next time. Haha! :)
d&e: Vintage Wallpaper Decoupaged Bangles. 2 bangles for P150.
Very cute! You can easily mix-and-match them with other bangles. The white is my favorite.
f&g: Shiny Floral adjustable rings for only P80. Buy them now!

h: Decoupaged Mosaic Bangle. Thick-size P100.
Like T.I. sings, you can have whatever you like! Choose a print, a wallpaper or walk me through your theme and i'll come up with something beautiful for your wrist. Medium-sized decoupaged bangles sell for P80. Super skinny bangles for P60.
i: Painted Bangle w/ Ribbon, not ready to be sold. I dunno, I'm just not happy with it yet.
j & k: Those flower rings again! Come on, what's P80?
(P.S. Does the peacock cloth look familiar? Refer to a.)
l: huge ring with "paint splashes" in purple and orange, P80.
m: I just couldn't wait till my next post! My newest project: OVERSIZED PENDANTS. I love GossipGirl and decided to make Blair my pendant. To avoid looking like i have a coaster on my shirt, I glued some beads on it and the back is also covered with pretty paper.
Want something similar? Contact me.