Saturday, February 20, 2010


Vogue was my favourite reading material as a child. Other kids were reading Sweet Valley High and Betty & Veronica, but I was reading Vogue. (Mum's got 6 sisters and 1 brother so yeah, do the math.)

I mostly poured over the glamorous photos rather than read what was on the glossy pages but I've basically been obsessed with fashion and lifestyle magazines since I was like 7 or 8. I was just so impressed by the art, beauty, style and overall savoir faire of magazines. Vogue, among many other titles, is the reason why I've decided to major in Journalism.

Imagine my delight when I saw scans of fashion ads that, to this day, are so vivid in my long-term memory! I present to you, la mode du mon enfance.

Azzedine Alaïa, 1980s

Gianni Versace, 1990s

(photos via Facehunter and Google Images)

You can laugh and scoff all you want but, ironically enough, they're all making a comeback: leopard print, lace, bodysuits, pastels, lamé, latex and supermodels are all the rage these days.

What was the fashion of your childhood?


By Denise San Jose for Bend & Snap

Meet the Blogging Squad

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L-R: Francesca, Denise, Andy, Gail, Cathy and Alexi.
Not in the photo: Triccie and Farrah

I asked help from these gorgeous ladies to provide content for "Girlie Slant", so you won't have to get sick of my virtual monologues. (I know, I have to find a way to enable the comments! Ha ha! It's been a year... Help!) So now we have more writers, more insight, more visual treat and blog posts coming your way.

I was so surprised that they were as excited as I was, so I decided to have a micromini shoot for the blogging team as well. Their enthusiasm made me feel so light, invigorated and inspired and I hope that they'll have the same effect on you. Truly, ask and you shall receive. Text and you shall find!

On that note, any thoughts on why my comments are still disabled? Help!

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