Sunday, June 28, 2009

Featured Seller: Ready for Rain

I have always been a sun worshipper, ready to toil and play under the security of sunshine. However, I also have had very memorable moments in this bipolar weather and during those July-September showers. I have played in the rain, ran through it, danced in it and faked sleep because of it... Well i wouldn't want everyone to know EVERYTHING about me, haha. But if I had it my way, it would only rain at night during sleeping time. The sound of that first rain drop hitting my windowsill, followed closely by the rising pitter-patter of rain drops is the most effective sleeping pill. Too bad Mother Nature doesn't let anyone tell Her what to do. So I simply try to live by the Scout's motto, always ready to brave and march through the rain. sells hand-painted my+brolly umbrellas and rain skimmers (ballet flats you can wear during rain.) I got to participate in their shoot, and here are some pictures that weren't officially used but ones I liked.

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Project 9: The Tiara Fits. (SOLD OUT!)

When women were younger, the idea of being a princess was a dream. A wish your heart makes, as Cinderella happily sings. I imagined a fairy tale kingdom, bathed in lavender and pink where you had unlimited supply of pets, talents and gobs of attention. Perhaps, that’s why we all went to ballet school. As young girls, we all hoped to evoke the same grace and poise in our frou-frou and tights, just like Disney Princesses.

Still my favorite Princess.

But as you grow up, you realize that being a princess is difficult… especially for those around you. That sitting pretty waiting for your prince is boring and impossible. We were introduced to a new line up --- Mulan, Leia, Padme, Xena and Fiona, beautiful princesses who doubled as fairy godmothers, conscious that we must fight off evil spells and chase dreams ourselves. Recently, the nation Kingdom of BendSnap, per Royal decree, has ordered those of royal mind and spirit to look like one.

Jewels & Copper Wire Headband, P200.


See, even stars wanna wear something like it! Haha.

Model: Dani
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