Sunday, August 16, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure

It's a lazy Sunday night.
You stumbled upon and found a hair accessory that you really liked.
Do you...
a) Email Risa at
b) Email your friends about it
c) YM! Who emails blog links to friends?
d) Wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
e) Contemplate, “When the hell will I wear this?”
f) Fear the feathers
g) “How many birds did she kill?”
h) “Oh wait, they must be fake.”
i) Get your glue gun
j) Get your sewing kit
k) Get grandma’s sewing kit
l) “Ouch!!!!! So that’s what a thimble is for!”
m) “What’s a thimble?”
n) Get grandma instead.
o) Feel bad that she can’t make a head scarf.
p) Realize that it’s easier to just buy from Bend & Snap. (Go back to a.)
q) Do the beeeend…. & SNAP!!!
r) But what exactly should snap?
s) Google “bend & snap”
t) Find yourself in urban dictionary
u) "Oh! the bend and snap! works every time!!"
v) Catch the urge to watch “Legally Blonde”
w) Bookmark the page and turn off your laptop.

x) Turn on the T.V.
y) Fall asleep.
z) Dream about the hair accessory.

Photos by Joseph Pascual