Sunday, January 31, 2010

Get your Greek on!

"If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself."
- Rick Riordian, "The Lightning Thief"

No high school curriculum is complete without a large chunk of Greek mythology. Why, why? Tell them that it's human nature. These stories are AMAZING, even Simon Cowell would say they're "currunt". The appeal of how gods came into being and how heroes battled monsters is still relevant today. I love how immortal gods seem down-to-earth human because they battle with the same things as we do, like sibling rivalry, love, revenge etc. The Illiad and The Odyssey are good places to start, but there's also the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series which I'm currently obsessing over! Vampires are so dead.

In other news, Bend & Snap is featured in this month's Belle de Jour Gazette, the online newsletter for the cash cow planners. Yehey! Meanwhile, I'm trying to brace myself for another looming Monday with a slew of errands, appointments and the cliched blues.

One very grande, very strong, very caramelly latte please.

Goodnight, world!
Love, Risa

Friday, January 29, 2010


Illustration by Sandra Suy


True to the catchphrase which it is named after, the Bend & Snap Blogshop sells unique, fun and feminine accessories that are inspired by DIY, street-style and vintage-retro designs.

Risa de Sagun started this craft when she was breezing through her last semester in college and when the possibilities seemed endless. Armed with her glue gun, the young and adventurous accidental-designer gave birth to a brand that tells a story of her lifestyle and dreams. Her one-of-a-kind handmade accessories reflect a creative and feminine flair that gives the Bend & Snap girl the stuff to create style that is truly hers.

Fueled by word of mouth and reputation, Bend &Snap has been paraded on the heads, necks and wrists of countless everyday fashionistas. And it doesn't stop there...


Tapping her schoolmate Monica Sison, Risa and Monica are the creative force behind Bend & Snap clothing. Together they sort through fabric swatches, scour vintage shops, and travel in search of inspiration for fashion that speaks to the creative, feminine and free-spirited BAS personality. Sewing their hearts and imagination on their sleeves, they aim to produce garments that have a clever mix of sexy sophistication and a relaxed approach to fashion.


"Girlie Slant" is a way for you to peek inside the minds of the BAS team and hang out with them for awhile. Composed of young, fun, creative women, the team bounces off enthusiasm, ideas, how-to's, and musings on fashion, art and culture, with the hopes of inspiring others to embark on creative and fashionable adventures every day.

Read on, speak up and get to know our featured bloggers: Triccie Baquiran, Alexi Bautista, Gail Cowper, Francesca Macasinag, Cathy Mirasol, Andrea Portugal, Farrah Rodriguez and Denise San Jose.

In glue we trust.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bold Shoulder: "Wrapsody"

"Get wrapped up and melt away the pounds." If only it were that easy, huh?

Body wraps claim to squeeze fat cells together in order to give it a slimmer shape. Not convinced? Me neither. There is no magic potion, or else I would have been first to turn myself into a
pritchon roll.

What is assuring though is that the bold shoulder is back, through the resurrection of epaulettes, which with the right outfit --- an asymmetric cut, a V-neck top, or a blazer --- can produce a refreshing and slimming effect.

Try the look with this floral sequinned epaulette with a bronze harness that wraps around the body. It's more Victorian for the S&M community, but it's a different kind of sweet. Definitely not the fattening kind.
"Wrapsody" ONE OF A KIND shoulder jewelry
Php 1,100.00

Like what you see? Then contact me at

Bold Shoulder: "Gladiator"

Do as the Romans do, even if your idea of a Roman Holiday, is, well, Holy Week. Plunder, pillage and play with their hearts by welding together a winning outfit: shoulder armor with bronze chain ripples worn over a sleek black tee or sleeved body con dress. Besides, after training with that beast of a gym instructor, it's good to know that there's a way to highlight those deltoids in the fashion arena.

And while we're thankful that gladiatorial combat were last seen some 2,000 years ago, we might just witness bloodthirsty fashionistas fighting it out for this made-to-order beauty.

"Gladiator" made-to-order shoulder accessory
Php 900.00

Contact Risa at

Bold Shoulder: "Queen Pea"

Peacocks are beautiful, unique and stunning. Their mere presence is enough to draw a crowd in. Reminds you of someone you know? Why not invite double takes by shouldering this extreme epaulette? Stand out by wearing this shoulder jewelry of radiant peacock feathers, black and silver gems, tassels and atrail of cross body chains over an asymmetric draped mini and ankle booties.

"Queen Pea" one-piece epaulette
Php 1,100.00

Did this make your heart beat faster? Contact Risa at to order!

Bold Shoulder: "Theory"

If you've read the book called "The Game" by the pickup artist Neil Stauss, then you are familiar with the Peacock Theory. It says that in order to get the attention of the opposite sex, you need to dress up in a flashy and colorful way. Appearances matter, yes. And taking fashion risks is fun and rewarding indeed. But sometimes, less is more. (For instance, I'd prefer to date someone who looks like a well-mannered gentleman over some bighead. But that's just me. I really belong to a different time!)

So on those days when you feel like Gagafying yourself (Yes, she's a verb now!) but want to do it in a more subtle manner, this peacock epaulette might do the trick. Light as a feather, yet big enough to make a statement!

"Theory" made-to-order shoulder jewelry
Php 900.00

Going Gaga for this piece? Contact Risa at!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pocket full of dreams

Just finished my Bend & Snap interview for the Inquirer. Thank you, Rosanna!

And while thinking of the most clever and honest answers to questions like “What inspires you?” “What’s the overall aesthetic for Bend & Snap?” “What creative process do your pieces go through?”, I realized… hey, I can be pretty smart! Sometimes, even I surprise myself. I was able to look back at how this craft started and the trial and error and thought processes that each piece go through. Everything is self-taught. I do my research, study others and just do what I do and hope for the best.

Ok, I’m lifting things off the interview already.

But I occasionally get stuck in a creative rut. Like right now, I can’t even write my sappy sap oh-my-gawd-you’ll-want-this write ups for my new products. Elle Woods, I summon thee.

Here’s some things I might do to get inspired:

Words - And lots of it. I try to read different things, from Men’s Health to chick lit to poems to the classics. I browse through art books that I find at home, read different interviews of big-time people and occasionally drool over my favorite design blogs. My sister makes fun of how I can’t finish a novel. I’m a plot-jumper and read 3-4 different books at a time. Is it just because I have short attention span? Mmm.

Photos - I enjoy looking at photos and think about what it is that I like about them or what words come to mind when I look at them. Then I get amused at how my taste evolves and concoct an instant “Aha!” moment.

I don't understand anything from the Hus & Hem site, but the beautiful pictures compensate for the frustration.

Space by Bloomingville

Forgot which designer, but I got this from the one and only decor8

I'm lost in translation again at
I can't even get their name right. :)

Music - Even if you’re not from New York, this anthem works and inspires.

Maybe I’ll continue writing with my best sales voice after I enjoy my Saturday. Happy Saturday everyone! Make your weekend a great one.

Love, Risa

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Jill of All Trades


Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Reset Button


1. Gather your materials and start conceptualizing how you want it to look. I decided to use monochromatic-colored buttons because it just adds to the classy factor. 2. Apart from time, here's the stuff which you need (See i was debating whether to use the yellow and red theme vs. the blue one) 3. I decided to use a half-circle shape for the base of the necklace. (Ooo yes, a protractor, ruler and pencil are also needed!)
4. Start glue gunning like crazy! But don't use too much so that the buttons don't pop up. We want the necklace to be as flat and as clean as possible.

5. Sew chains behind the necklace.Fin! I was ready to head out for a really, really busy day: Photoshoot at 9, Meeting with website developer (Hey chrys! Don't cha just sound so professional?) at 1130, Supply Chain Management (another fancy way of puttings things) and buyer activities from 2-630pm!

Oh and i finally opened my Teen Vogue Handbook which is full of advice, pictures and in-depth profiles of fashion legends for young hopefuls like me. It comes with a 1 year subscription too, thank you very much!!!Thinking of scanning helpful pages from the book and posting more stray thoughts tomorrow.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Currently inspired by...

Cage skirt, $125

Fringe necklace, $65

2. Glamourai

This New Yorker stylist, designer and DIYer is so cool. She blogs, posts gratuitous outfit photos, Does-It-Herself, and has an online shop. Sounds like someone you know? Trying my best to invite a comparison here! :)

DIY bib necklace
I CAN DO THAT! And it's gonna feel like Christmas every day, minus the calories! :)

DIY studded gloves
OH SHE'S SO COOL. Butterfly sunnies, check. Miniature self, check. Personalitude, CHECK!!!

3. Crepe paper

Polish women happen to be very good in making paper chandeliers called "Pajaki" which is Polish for "spiders of straw". Ok, not sure how credible my web translator is, but it seems just about right as these fancy crepe paper cut outs are crafted into beautiful web-like patterns. I LOVE NON-MAINSTREAM CRAFT and I'm so turned on by paper right now. (Believe me, it's possible. I used to lust over those scrap booking kits with 100+++ printed paper.) I totally see my future (Future Kids Room, Future Foyer, Future Backyard) with these festive beauties!!! I'm gonna be such a Cool Mom. HAH!

Americans too are trying their hand at it. This one was made by textile designer and illustrator, Lena Corwin.

And check this one out by the Small Object.

The pioneer: Polish Art Center

Soft, dewy and romantic, with tons of vintage charm. Visit her Etsy shop!

5. Cruel Intentions

Ok, incest, plotting and teensploitation aren't the next inspiration of Bend & Snap. I just caught the movie yesterday and loved the soundtrack. Fun and sexy, it's one of the best reasons to see the movie. And the ending is genius. But did Ryan Philippe really have to die? :( I mean, can a cab (at mild speed, mind you) really kill a fit, healthy teenager?

Before texting, it was Xerox and ring binders that helped young, rich Upper East Siders spread scandal.

Cue the violin riffs of yesteryear's anthem "Bittersweet Symphony".
Tun-tun-tun. Tun-tun-tun. Tun-tun-tun. Tun-tun-tun.
"Mean Girls" totally ripped this idea off!
Tun-tun-tun. Tun-tun-tun. Tun-tun-tun. Tun-tun-tun.
The headteacher of their prepschool shakes his head while the Verve sings the line "No. no. no. no. no. no. no..."
...And the bad girl gets served.
(She plays the super super tramp role very well!!! I must admit, it was hard to hate her.)
While the good girl drives off with HIS black jaguar and shades, looking all self-assured, dignified and cute. Justice exists!
Cause it's a bittersweet symphony, this LIIIIIFE!