Monday, November 7, 2011

Give And Take

Just as we get stuck with old habits, we also get stuck with stuff we collect over the years. While being a pack-rat was necessary during the Great Depression, that type of thinking today creates excess baggage. And sure, there's this feeling that you'll need the items one day.

When I lose weight, I'll wear that.

However, "one day" never comes. (How sad and Bridget Jones-like is that? Haha!) Here's a good rule of thumb: If you haven't used something in more than a year, chances are you can live without it. :)

So let your wardrobe breathe and give someone else clothes that actually fit them at the Style Swap this Saturday, Nov. 12, 1-5 PM at the Union Bank Plaza, Ortigas. All you have to do is to bring AT LEAST 5 swap items (new or gently worn clothes, bags, shoes or accessories) and the registration fee of P100 to swap with fashion bloggers and other bargain hunters!

Anything left behind (those grey jeggings, for instance) gets taken to a charity shop/ institution, such as Rags2Riches and Girls Town of Silang, Cavite.

Sorry, Barney. New. Isn't. Always Better. Recycling is, though!

See you there! :)