Saturday, November 19, 2011

With Thanks

A few months ago, in the middle of reevaluating my career, I felt the need to satiate my curiosity and change things up. It was around that time when the last Harry Potter film was released -- and boy, that broke my heart more than any boy ever did/could, so I was looking to add some feel-good energy in my life and to appease my idle hands, eco-conscience and brain drain all at the same time.

I realized that happiness is earned, projected even... It's something you can create, either in an epic the-boy-who-lived scale or in a way that's quite simple, clever and chic, like a shopping event. Shopping + CSR = endorphins = "happy project". It was simple algebra. Haha!

Since celebrating creativity and being a spendthrift are two issues I hold near and dear, I decided to hold the Style Swap. Good for me, good for charity, good for creatures big and small. You know I'm quite excellent at busying and distracting myself with "happy projects" to avoid the true and deeper questions about happiness. But that's a different story. Wait, where was I?

Oh, right, the swap. I was just grateful to have some new friends and happy working elves to play with that I made sure all seedlings of doubt, stress, and pressure that come with planning an event simply wouldn't sprout. And of course it was made more fun by power teammates. :)
So, thanks to everyone who donated, helped me out and participated in the Style Swap! Your comments, with their varied mix of praise, pressure and paasa (haha!) were all welcome, and of course, grit for the mind. :) Please accept my air kisses and good tidings as we come into the most wonderful time of the year! THANK YOU.

This post about a happy project might sound candy floss and corny to most. Believe me, I was tempted to inject curse words, gay lingo or Tagalog just to give it some attitude haha... but I guess it's the perfect medium to say that overall, I feel pretty happy and blessed. :)

Easy, breezy, beautiful.

If you missed it, here's how it looked liked for me. Looking tired and sick ("Walang sparkle ang eyes," as my friend would say) with the Closet Cleaners, Yana and Jackie. :) Proud as punch, we're putting our buttons and pulled pork dinner meetings to rest. For now.

Some of my favorite finds from the loot that I took home! Tribal mommy pants and blazers:

This is such a lengthy post, tra la la la, the end!