Friday, May 28, 2010

Inspiration Friday

I'm working on my last few custom pieces and I badly need an extra shot of inspiration! I'm dusting off the cobwebs in my brain (It's summer, forgive.) so that I can create something clever and unique for my extra special and extra excited customers. Because as corny as this sounds, there really is so much of myself and my thoughts in every single item I make.

Inspiration is as fickle as girls. But usually, I get moved by interiors, antique, big cities, everyday objects, movies, fairy tales, new supplies and the people who share their talent through their blogs and etsy shops. I guess it also helps that I have an active imagination and a very reliable internet service provider. ;) I found A LOT of visual stimulation online to get me started!

I know it's hard to achieve, but can't a girl believe?

Finally, Bend & Snap was part of a fashion spread in this month's issue of Chalk magazine. It's pretty small, pretty subtle... but still, pretty awesome right? Thought I'd share it with you! :)

How about you? What inspires you?