Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lend Me Your Talents

Look who's now upgrading her photos.
I had so much fun in my first "real" photoshoot and I wanna keep it up. I think it adds even more personality to the blog, even Simon Cowell will be charmed. And so, if you're a photographer, a model, a stylist, a creative director (or someone creative in general!), a makeup artist, a D-I-Yer or someone like me who pretends she can do it all, then i want you! Remember the parable of the talents? God wants you to use them to help a sister out! Can I please get an Amen? Call/text/email me. :) Meanwhile, I am counting the days till I graduate and begin my little Bend & Snap empire.
This is my Jai Ho!!! Oh-oh-oh-oh!

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