Sunday, June 28, 2009

Featured Seller: Ready for Rain

I have always been a sun worshipper, ready to toil and play under the security of sunshine. However, I also have had very memorable moments in this bipolar weather and during those July-September showers. I have played in the rain, ran through it, danced in it and faked sleep because of it... Well i wouldn't want everyone to know EVERYTHING about me, haha. But if I had it my way, it would only rain at night during sleeping time. The sound of that first rain drop hitting my windowsill, followed closely by the rising pitter-patter of rain drops is the most effective sleeping pill. Too bad Mother Nature doesn't let anyone tell Her what to do. So I simply try to live by the Scout's motto, always ready to brave and march through the rain. sells hand-painted my+brolly umbrellas and rain skimmers (ballet flats you can wear during rain.) I got to participate in their shoot, and here are some pictures that weren't officially used but ones I liked.

For more on rainy day style guide, check and

P.S. Bend&Snap doesn't sell these items. Go to the links instead and inquire yourself. :) Love, Risa

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