Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nobody Enjoys Long Distance

But 240 kilometers is well worth it for a great vintage find. Never mind if you picked up Ralph from Session Road or eyeballed Marc from a squalid storehouse.

Back from rainy Baguio, I finally started work in Metro Magazine the other day. Because I'm guilty of space-staring when there's nothing to do, I was ecstatic to have my hands full and my feet moving on my first day of work. I can't wait to write and interview and style and learn how to layout and edit. For now though, this is how I play with clothes.

Photo Inspiration 1: Igorot Thoughts
We were greeted with Plueys weather during our trip to the cold North. And because we couldn't stop and smell the flowers, we had to settle for our own cultural tours --- shopping trips to the marketplace and a sojourn to our own Sleep temples at The Manor. I wish we had the chance to appreciate the city though and take in some Cordillera culture. See I still know my HEKASI.

Photo Inspiration 2: Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see...
Photo Inspiration: In Praise of Purple Plowers HAHA!

Saturday will be Plueys day. Wait for it.

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