Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project 3: Le Paris du Chic (SOLD OUT!)

Never has enrollment been this easybreezy.

Because I'm ecstatic to be finally prioritized in the University of the Philippines, I decided to share my happiness with you with another post. Call it tacky, cheap or old hat, pink and turquoise have always appealed to the thirteen year-old teenybopper die-hard JT fan inside of me. Scroll down and take a quick look at my color mood board.

Tacky? AS IF!

Conclusion: Don't let the Valley Girls kill it for you. Get chic to chic with pink and turquoise and wear them on your wrists with a pretty Eiffel Tower print.

Je m'appelle Monica and I twist and flip for the U.P. Pep Squad. Thank you Mon! :)
For only P90 each, now you can take Paris with you wherever you go.

Au revoir et salut, Risa

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