Thursday, June 25, 2009

Project 7: The Arithmetic of Accessorizing

This week, I've been experimenting on some new stuff to show in the bazaar. With a good soundtrack and some new materials to work on, I've conjured up new accessories. This time, it's all about our favorite grade school accessory and Manhattan Princesses' choice of helmet, headbands.

And now, on to my beautiful arithmetic:

My NEWEST ONE-OF-A-KIND head piece!
Denim Flower Headband

Pink Headband with denim flower and lace. Equally quirky and feminine, the flower headband also has pink gems.
World, meet Dani, my smart Engineer-friend. Thanks Dani! :)

Contact me now!!! :)

Or better yet, drop by our bazaar this Saturday at LGV where I'll be displaying my stuff. I'll post details soon!

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