Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Currently inspired by...

Cage skirt, $125

Fringe necklace, $65

2. Glamourai

This New Yorker stylist, designer and DIYer is so cool. She blogs, posts gratuitous outfit photos, Does-It-Herself, and has an online shop. Sounds like someone you know? Trying my best to invite a comparison here! :)

DIY bib necklace
I CAN DO THAT! And it's gonna feel like Christmas every day, minus the calories! :)

DIY studded gloves
OH SHE'S SO COOL. Butterfly sunnies, check. Miniature self, check. Personalitude, CHECK!!!

3. Crepe paper

Polish women happen to be very good in making paper chandeliers called "Pajaki" which is Polish for "spiders of straw". Ok, not sure how credible my web translator is, but it seems just about right as these fancy crepe paper cut outs are crafted into beautiful web-like patterns. I LOVE NON-MAINSTREAM CRAFT and I'm so turned on by paper right now. (Believe me, it's possible. I used to lust over those scrap booking kits with 100+++ printed paper.) I totally see my future (Future Kids Room, Future Foyer, Future Backyard) with these festive beauties!!! I'm gonna be such a Cool Mom. HAH!

Americans too are trying their hand at it. This one was made by textile designer and illustrator, Lena Corwin.

And check this one out by the Small Object.

The pioneer: Polish Art Center

Soft, dewy and romantic, with tons of vintage charm. Visit her Etsy shop!

5. Cruel Intentions

Ok, incest, plotting and teensploitation aren't the next inspiration of Bend & Snap. I just caught the movie yesterday and loved the soundtrack. Fun and sexy, it's one of the best reasons to see the movie. And the ending is genius. But did Ryan Philippe really have to die? :( I mean, can a cab (at mild speed, mind you) really kill a fit, healthy teenager?

Before texting, it was Xerox and ring binders that helped young, rich Upper East Siders spread scandal.

Cue the violin riffs of yesteryear's anthem "Bittersweet Symphony".
Tun-tun-tun. Tun-tun-tun. Tun-tun-tun. Tun-tun-tun.
"Mean Girls" totally ripped this idea off!
Tun-tun-tun. Tun-tun-tun. Tun-tun-tun. Tun-tun-tun.
The headteacher of their prepschool shakes his head while the Verve sings the line "No. no. no. no. no. no. no..."
...And the bad girl gets served.
(She plays the super super tramp role very well!!! I must admit, it was hard to hate her.)
While the good girl drives off with HIS black jaguar and shades, looking all self-assured, dignified and cute. Justice exists!
Cause it's a bittersweet symphony, this LIIIIIFE!

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