Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pocket full of dreams

Just finished my Bend & Snap interview for the Inquirer. Thank you, Rosanna!

And while thinking of the most clever and honest answers to questions like “What inspires you?” “What’s the overall aesthetic for Bend & Snap?” “What creative process do your pieces go through?”, I realized… hey, I can be pretty smart! Sometimes, even I surprise myself. I was able to look back at how this craft started and the trial and error and thought processes that each piece go through. Everything is self-taught. I do my research, study others and just do what I do and hope for the best.

Ok, I’m lifting things off the interview already.

But I occasionally get stuck in a creative rut. Like right now, I can’t even write my sappy sap oh-my-gawd-you’ll-want-this write ups for my new products. Elle Woods, I summon thee.

Here’s some things I might do to get inspired:

Words - And lots of it. I try to read different things, from Men’s Health to chick lit to poems to the classics. I browse through art books that I find at home, read different interviews of big-time people and occasionally drool over my favorite design blogs. My sister makes fun of how I can’t finish a novel. I’m a plot-jumper and read 3-4 different books at a time. Is it just because I have short attention span? Mmm.

Photos - I enjoy looking at photos and think about what it is that I like about them or what words come to mind when I look at them. Then I get amused at how my taste evolves and concoct an instant “Aha!” moment.

I don't understand anything from the Hus & Hem site, but the beautiful pictures compensate for the frustration.

Space by Bloomingville

Forgot which designer, but I got this from the one and only decor8

I'm lost in translation again at
I can't even get their name right. :)

Music - Even if you’re not from New York, this anthem works and inspires.

Maybe I’ll continue writing with my best sales voice after I enjoy my Saturday. Happy Saturday everyone! Make your weekend a great one.

Love, Risa

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