Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wing it like Wang

It's time for a new DIY project, what do you think? Yes? Great, because today we're making Alexander Wang ripped chain shorts knock-offs.

SRSLY, why buy when you can DIY?

You will need:
And a block of wood or any solid surface that can work as your cutting board.

1. First, cut an old pair of jeans with scissors. Always keep the extra fabric for future projects.

2. Optional: I cut out the excess thread from my hem of my shorts because I didn't want it to look too rugged. Tip: to get an honest to goodness, worn-to-death look to them, scrub a hard metal sponge or sandpaper onto your jeans.

3. Rub the cheese grater onto places where you want the rips. Target the hems and the edges of pockets because that's where natural distressing occurs. But since we're "Wang-ing" it today, the thigh vicinity should be the area for major distressing. You will see that the fabric will start to rip. Just continue the process until you get the desired size of the holes.

4. Optional: I whipped out my cutter to create more distress such as holes and tears, then went back to fraying with my cheese grater. I didn't know about the greatness of graters until this project... and woah i purred like a kitten when I saw the results. This kitchen tool is genius!

5. Put the chains through the holes...

6. Hook the chains together.

7. Repeat a few more times.


8. Optional: Camwhore. Hahaha.

This was supposed to be my first post for a new fashion website that I'll be contributing to. But since our editorial calendar got moved, I figured I'll post this one here instead. Wow, there really hasn't been a dull moment in Bend & Snap since I've been on the "courtship stage" with BAS clothing. Watch out for the next BAS/risa adventures! Until then, take care. :)

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