Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bold Shoulder: "Wrapsody"

"Get wrapped up and melt away the pounds." If only it were that easy, huh?

Body wraps claim to squeeze fat cells together in order to give it a slimmer shape. Not convinced? Me neither. There is no magic potion, or else I would have been first to turn myself into a
pritchon roll.

What is assuring though is that the bold shoulder is back, through the resurrection of epaulettes, which with the right outfit --- an asymmetric cut, a V-neck top, or a blazer --- can produce a refreshing and slimming effect.

Try the look with this floral sequinned epaulette with a bronze harness that wraps around the body. It's more Victorian for the S&M community, but it's a different kind of sweet. Definitely not the fattening kind.
"Wrapsody" ONE OF A KIND shoulder jewelry
Php 1,100.00

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