Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nothing New.

If not for the Vietnam War, I totally see myself living in the swinging sixties. The Beatles, tie-dye, and people who don't give a damn about combing their hair. But the hippie attitude and sixties style is still alive, especially in my blog.
Channel them fashionable hippies with bend&snap head scarves, beads, batik prints and psychedelic art.
Oh, and last Saturday was our exhausting but very successful Plueys shoot. I jumped at the opportunity of being around people with professional cameras and girls who were all dressed up. And my photoshoot invasion follows. Presenting, the newest addition to the blog:
My Purple and Blue Floral Scarf

Purple & Blue Floral Scarf: P170
Bangles: Bendsnap
Model: Bea

Other posters that I made:
It was just the First Day of School and I'm already staying up till 5 A.M. Give praise to afternoon classes!

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