Sunday, June 14, 2009

Project 6: I'm a Barbie Girl (SOLD OUT!)

In a Barbie World

Life in plastic,

It's fantastic.

You can brush my hair.

Undress me everywhere.


Life is your creation.
(The Barbie & Ken models here are actually siblings. I should really start crediting my photos.)

This is me paying homage to the sexiest and most well-rounded 50-year old woman alive. Happy 50th, Barbie! And like the blonde bombshell, don't be afraid to experiment with fashion.

Barbie Scarf, P160
New & Limited!
Wear it as a headband, bandanna, bag scarf, wrist cuff, whatever.
Kelly Misa, is that you?
Kim, thanks so much for being such a trooper! The de Sagun's owe you so much :)
Contact me now!

In other news, I am thrilled to talk in our Freshmen Orientation about the business (Yes, this!) and about my college on Monday. Not so thrilled about my productivity level. Sometimes I'm too ambitious for my own good. Then again, I grew up playing with the ultimate career woman in the planet who was able to hit 50 without a hint of wrinkle, cellulite or varicose vein.

Oh and if any of you still have Barbie's plastic shoes, may I please have them? Something fancy and less pink might just be created.
Off to sleep,
Businesswoman Barbie ;)

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