Friday, January 29, 2010


True to the catchphrase which it is named after, the Bend & Snap Blogshop sells unique, fun and feminine accessories that are inspired by DIY, street-style and vintage-retro designs.

Risa de Sagun started this craft when she was breezing through her last semester in college and when the possibilities seemed endless. Armed with her glue gun, the young and adventurous accidental-designer gave birth to a brand that tells a story of her lifestyle and dreams. Her one-of-a-kind handmade accessories reflect a creative and feminine flair that gives the Bend & Snap girl the stuff to create style that is truly hers.

Fueled by word of mouth and reputation, Bend &Snap has been paraded on the heads, necks and wrists of countless everyday fashionistas. And it doesn't stop there...


Tapping her schoolmate Monica Sison, Risa and Monica are the creative force behind Bend & Snap clothing. Together they sort through fabric swatches, scour vintage shops, and travel in search of inspiration for fashion that speaks to the creative, feminine and free-spirited BAS personality. Sewing their hearts and imagination on their sleeves, they aim to produce garments that have a clever mix of sexy sophistication and a relaxed approach to fashion.


"Girlie Slant" is a way for you to peek inside the minds of the BAS team and hang out with them for awhile. Composed of young, fun, creative women, the team bounces off enthusiasm, ideas, how-to's, and musings on fashion, art and culture, with the hopes of inspiring others to embark on creative and fashionable adventures every day.

Read on, speak up and get to know our featured bloggers: Triccie Baquiran, Alexi Bautista, Gail Cowper, Francesca Macasinag, Cathy Mirasol, Andrea Portugal, Farrah Rodriguez and Denise San Jose.

In glue we trust.

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