Monday, May 24, 2010

I Love You, Goodbye

If you were at the Grove by Rockwell during the weekend, you might have popped by my booth, engaged me in much needed chin-wag and wrestled with the crazy Manila heat. I joined my first ever (and last!) bazaar before I turned into the next corporate junkie. What what!

Yes, I’m starting work soon. The kind that involves a boss, an office and thinking. Yay!

I’m a little melodramatic though that my Bend & Snap stint is over, but I keep reminding myself that it was my sense of wanderlust and a desire for challenges that brought me to this happy place – my blogshop! And so while I’m a bit hesitant to put down the pliers, I know it’s time for a different adventure.

I haven’t won an Oscar but who cares? I can DIY one. Ha! So allow me to have a moment for my big speech…

Thanks to my family (especially my mom) and my wonderful friends who encouraged me, helped me out, gave me great advice, made me laugh… all those things you find in a Hallmark card. Thank you for allowing me to take the driver’s seat and going with the flow!

To those who followed my blog and supported my craftivity, thank you very much. You make me feel so lucky that I was able to accomplish one of my dreams. There are fluffier ways of saying it, but I proved the whole “if you think you can, YOU CAN!” notion. You cannot help but do great things with that kind of mindset!

End... Scene!

So, the Supersale Bazaar was kind of like my graduation. Thanks to all those who came and helped out! I appreciate it. If you missed it, below is a glimpse of what it looked like for me.

Le booth!

Le jewels!

Le git!


The best salesperson and friend, Michelle. Thank you!

Monica, my partner for the clothing line. :)

My happy working elves (kidding!!!) Monica, Michelle and Donna. THANKS!

Another thing I must tell you is this. I will be dumping/ consigning the last few items that I have. I’ll keep you posted on that one. I still might be open to the idea of creating custom pieces because, well, addictions are hard to break.

Bend & Snap (and dearest vacation) --- I love you, Goodbye!

In glue I trust,


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