Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Miss Sunshine

One day at a time.

Today is a Sunday and I feel giddy, fresh and clever. It's as if cartoon birds might just fly through my windows and braid my goldielocks locks. The job hunt is looking up and today I woke up with much needed clarity!

Now, on to pretty young things. Here's virtual style muse and friend Rosanna of "Little Miss Dress Up", wearing one of my creations. Her pretty little face is popping up just about everywhere, including EDSA. Congrats, Sans!

PS, thank you to all the ladies who are constantly ordering from me. You are keeping me busy and inspired to get off my hump during my personal Vietnam. Thank you so much! Your words make me happy. :) Make my heart explode by posting your BAS photos on our fan page too.

Carry on,

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